Yoga is a journey towards to the inner self. Therefore yoga is for everyone. Without forgetting this truth, us yogis has established YogaKioo to shed light on the journey of those who set their heart on Yoga. Yoga should be accessible to everyone. In old times yoga teaching knowledge was inherited from Gurus in the temples. Nowadays due to technological possibilities, we can share the timeless knowledge we get from the temples with the whole world through our website, teacher training programs and events we organize. Each year we bring together thousands of people from all around the world who are on the path of Yoga.

Why Kioo?

Kioo means reflection. We reflect everything in our lives. Just like the moon reflecting the sun. We reflect the good and also the bad. With everything that has happened to us instead of being ourselves, we transform into the situation that is happening. In other words, we choose to be good to who is good to us and bad to who is bad to us. These choices come from the condition of us reflecting everything the way we receive them. Kioo is your true reflection. Even though we seem to reflect others, in reality, all we reflect is what we have inside. YogaKioo’s aim is to be the mirror showing your true self to you with its education programs.