5 ways to Relieve Stress
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1- Say ”I love you” to people around you. When you spread your love, you will release your bliss, which in turn will relieve the stress away from your body.

2- Feed the animals on the street. Feed the birds, cats, dogs and even ants. Sit and watch them. Sharing something you have will feed your soul as well and that will as well relieve the stress away from your body.

3- While you are deep breathing, rotate your head clockwise. Then come to the center. Exhale for 8 secs. Repeat it 10-12 times. You will immediately feel that you are relieving the stress.

4- Hug your friends! Give them a warm and tight hug. Hugging will neutralize your body energy and you will even get positive energy from it! Then you will experience your energy coming down. And this will again relieve the stress away. When you are scared you would like to hug someone, because you want to get some courage by relying on the others. And it is almost like that!

5- Wash your elbows and feet.  Gently rub your neck with some water. Then sit comfortably. For 3-5 mins watch your breath. Follow it by watching the rise and the fall of your abdomen. That will simply keep you in the present moment and it will affect your mind, help you calm down. You will feel lighter because past memories and the pressure of future ideas, which produce stress, will be gone away. And you will start feeling peace.

by Giuseppe Bianch

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