Is Happiness What We Really Want?
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We are all trying to do or reach up to something to become happy. But is Happiness really what we want?

Or are we simply seeking for peace?

When we are trying to become happy, we are directly becoming unhappy too. Because we think happiness comes from something we desire or we want. But when we are unable to reach our desires or if we fail, we are becoming unhappy. Those ideas which we think, are going to make us happy, push us into an unhappy situation or depression.

We think our boy/girl friend makes us happy. Yes they are making us happy. But also they are our source of unhappiness. Because of them we cannot sleep sometimes, we feel so blue… And sometimes when we broke up, some people even commit suicide. But wasn’t our first purpose of this relationship happiness? Then where is this unhappiness coming from? The answer is; from the heart of happiness. Because happiness can only exist with unhappiness. Happiness is an illusion. Because of that we should ask that; Is Happiness what i seek for?

Peace means there is no emotion. No sadness, no happiness, no joy, nothing. There can not be any emotion if we are talking about peace. In fact real happiness which we call as ”bliss” can be out there! Bliss is not an emotion. Bliss is not a goal. Bliss is pure existence. Bliss is not trying to ”be”. But happiness is result of trying to be.

Just think that you are watching magical mountains. For a moment, you will feel everything stopped in this world. You feel nothing. You feel emptiness. That means you feel peace. Even for 5-6 seconds you experience nothingness. Becoming one with everything without any expectations. Later if I ask you what you felt, you would probably say you were so happy. Because that experience makes you feel bliss. If you want to feel this moment for your whole life it can become a desire. Then you will realize you are in the middle of the another war. Of course  to seek peace, you need desire at the very first time. But unless this desire fades out and we start to get aware of who we are and what we are doing, this war will never ends. Because desire is the source of the unhappiness.

Being aware, will change our mind, emotions and results of our acts.

Existence, rather than being dragged after something, is a state of existing with all. Existence is as well a state of surrender, which will come to be put in life through great experiences and awareness. This path leading to peace is challenging. Because ego chases after pain. Because ego wants to exist by its own, with its own decisions. Yet that “own” is indeed not you! Ego has created a new “you” along with what it has learned within your social setting. In the light of the frameworks that your social setting has determined. In line with the expectations within those frameworks. Ego has buried you down deep. Since it very well knows it needs to “adapt” to survive. And that adaptation is based upon very animal oriented and simple things. Even anyone who has started to live in another country starts to change. That individual starts to renew himself depending on the expectations and the culture of that country. And the other question is what we would be like if we were born in another society and family. Such differences take root from ego. Whereas “I” does not get influenced by those differences. It remains always the same. Being aware of ego is a great consciousness. Without being aware of it, one cannot get rid of it as well. First we need to watch, understand and get to know it. The more we get to know it, the more we will come to saying “the source of all my unhappiness is nothing but me”. This is moment of awareness out of a big illusion. In fact all the unhappiness in our lives come by ourselves. Life is flawless, while our choices flawy. We create flaws just because we try to be flawless in this flawlessness. And this pushes us into a big chaos. The first moment we come to realize that is the moment when change is inevitable.

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