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Sankalpa is a sanskrit word which means intention,desire,will,purpose…

In yoga practices, sankalpa generally works much more efficiently with Yoga Nidra. While nidra means “sleep,” it is actually a process of awakening your true nature. Yoga nidra systematically relaxes the body and mind and guides you into deep awareness. You are aware and awake, but you experience a disidentification from the body and mind. In this way, the confusion between prakriti (Material Nature) and purusha (Soul,self ) dissolves, and you come to rest in the peace, wisdom, and love of your true natureBut a yogi can perform sankalpa solely before any sadhana (daily spiritual practice), yogic practice, meditation or even at the start of his/her day.

The idea of repeating a sankalpa is to create the life we are meant to enjoy and embrace. When we calm and relax the mind, then sankalpa is impressed on the subconscious so we plant the seed of our sankalpa at the deep level of our soul.

How to create a sankalpa ?

You have sat down but you don’t feel anything or you just feel the endless desires of your ego such as a new job, new car or to have a fit body. Work with whatever intention or goal arises but at the same time ask yourself what’s underneath it or what do you really want? A sankalpa should be short and to the point. For example; rather than saying ‘’ I want to be more compassionate’’ just say’’ Compassion is my true nature ‘’.

You should state your sankalpa in the present tense and it should be positiveç Stating your sankalpa in present tense reminds you that whatever is required is already within you.

When you start your practice, take a deep breathe in and out. Allow your mind and energy to settle and slow down with the breathe. Bring your palms together in front of your heart .Clarify and state your intention silently in your mind three times and begin your usual practice.

Om Shanti


by Serap Ercan Aydın

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